Mule Deer/Antelope Combo

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Montana Hunting

My mule deer-antelope combination hunts are conducted on private land ranches in Montana. My private land ranches offer clients excellent opportunity at both species. The ranches that we hunt have offered my clients a higher opportunity at success on all species every year we have hunted here.

Mule deer grossing over 150B&C have been taken here and antelope trophies in the 14″-15″ and above are possible. The antelope tag must be applied for and drawn through the lottery system. Although the tag is not “guaranteed” for antelope, the chances of a non-resident being successful in the drawing is quite good. Non-resident general deer hunting license is obtained through the Montana General Drawing with a March 15th deadline. Antelope permit is $205 and has to be applied for by June 1st. Antelope/deer combination hunts are excellent father/son hunts. These hunts offer extremely high success rates on classic western big game animals. Please give us a call when planning your next western big game hunt.

2018 Mule Deer/Antelope Combo Hunt Rate
(A special Antelope permit is required to hunt Antelope)

Rate: $6,250 – HUNTS #1, #2 & 3
Deposit: We require a 50% deposit to hold one spot at the time of booking.
Payment: Balance of hunt is due October 1st prior to the start of any hunt.
Refund: Deposits will be refunded if you are unable to obtain your license or permit otherwise no refunds on deposits or any hunt payments!

2018 Mule Deer/Antelope Combo Hunt Schedule

Hunt #1: (October 19th Arrive EVE))

October 20th (Morning) – October 24th
Hunt #2: October 26th (EVE) – October 31st
Hunt #3: November 2nd (EVE) – November 7th