Archery Elk Hunting

Mike Moe's Double Beamed Archery Bull

Mike Moe’s Double Beamed Archery Bull

Archery Elk Hunting

General Area:


Our September/October archery elk hunts are conducted on private land ranches in a General Hunting Area. When hunting a general draw area all you need is a general elk license. Which is gotten through the Montana General License Drawing with a March 15th deadline.

The bulls found can very from young brow-tine bulls (rag horns) to mature 320+ P&Y official gross score bull elk. There is a larger population of younger bulls on our ranches in these areas. We have however seen 350+ P&Y bulls while out in the field.

We have two styles of hunting we prefer to use during the archery season. The first being spot and stalk with some calling involved. The second is from one of our stationary blinds over water, a wallow, or frequently used game trails. Both have proven to be very successful depending on what the elk are doing at the time of your hunt.

Lone Wolf Guide Service strives to offer only the very finest private ranches for it’s client hunters. We own exclusive hunting rights on these ranches, and the trophy potential can be fabulous!

Please call today to arrange the time slot that best suits you! We will do our best to help you decide based upon the results of previous years and the hunting method that you are most comfortable with.

Happy Hunting

2018 Elk Archery Rate – General Area

Rate: $5,800 – HUNTS #1, #2, #3, #4
Deposit: We require a 50% deposit to hold one spot at the time of booking.
Payment: Balance of hunt is due August 1st prior to the start of any hunt.
Refund: Deposits will be refunded if you are unable to obtain your license and permit otherwise no refunds on deposits or any hunt payments!

2018 Elk Archery Schedule – General Area

Hunt #1: September 5th (Arrive) – September 10th
Hunt #2: September 12th (EVE) – September 17th
Hunt #3: September 19th (EVE) – September 24th
Hunt #4: September 26th (EVE) – October 2nd